Bay Area New Music Marathon

Sunday, December 7, 1997
1:00 PM - 11:00 PM

at The ODC Performance Gallery
3153 Seventeenth St. San Francisco, CA
All Day Pass $15.00
Students/Seniors $10.00

The Common Sense Composers' Collective presents OPUS415 No.3, the 3rd Annual Bay Area New Music Marathon. OPUS415 No.3 will feature over 25 Bay Area composers, including special guest Terry Riley, Charles Amirkhanian, Brenda Hutchinson, Miya Masaoka, Paul Dresher, and Maggi Payne in a diverse mix of works that bridge the gap between the streets and the university.

The marathon's 10 hours of music will range from unconstrained improvisation to elaborately notated scores, and represents both emerging and established artists. This year's Marathon will have a special emphasis on "Music & Image" and will feature our house-band, Nik Phelps and the Sprocket Ensemble, accompanying several animated shorts throughout the day. Come hear such dynamic performers as Terry Riley, Sarah Cahill, Randy Porter, Pamela Z, Amy X Neuburg, The Stanford String Quartet, Music Now, American Baroque, and Twisted Tutu (from NYC) performing on instruments ranging from solo koto to multiple computers.

The casual environment of the ODC Performance Gallery makes it possible for listeners to interact with performers and composers. The price of $15, ($10 for students & seniors), allows audience members to come and go as they please or stay all day. Refreshments will be on sale throughout the afternoon and evening. For reservations and inquiries call Common Sense: 415/285-8680.


Previous OPUS415 Marathons received the following praise:

"Common Sense managed to pull together a festival comparable to New York's 'Bang on a Can' Marathon, and managed to do it gracefully...The Marathon was a success from virtually every standpoint."
-Leigh Vanhandel, 20th Century Music

"I came away from the concert marveling at the logistics of the event... The programming was excellent, the stylistic range impressive."
-David Meckler, Paris New Music Review

Common Sense is a SF/NYC based collective of seven emerging composers. Now in our fifth year, the main objective of the group has been to explore alternative ways of conceiving and completing new works. The fruits of our first project were released by CRI on their Emergency Music Series in January, 1997. With our first marathon: OPUS415, we extended our philosophy of collaboration and bridge-building to the creation of an event that showcased the diverse voices of Bay Area Composers. Common Sense was able to bring listeners and composers from different schools and backgrounds together in a casual yet intense environment of music making.

We present OPUS415 No.3 with the continued hope of fostering new ideas, generating new connections, and building new bridges.

For more information please contact Dan Becker at 415/285-8680.



Terry Riley
Randy Porter
Thornhill Elementary School Improvisational Ensemble
Jonathan Berger
Howard Hersch
Amy X Nueberg
Brenda Hutchinson
Nik Phelps and the Sprocket Ensemble
David Meckler
Donald Swearingen
Butch Rovan
Zack Settel
Kotoka Suzuki
David Duret
Dan Joseph
John A. Maurer
Jaraslav Kapuscinski
Micheline Roi
Randy Nordschow
Christopher Tin
Hyo-Shin Na
Pamela Z
Charles Amirkhanian
Belinda Reynolds
Dan Becker
Maggi Payne
Jonathan Berger
Mia Masaoka
Paul Dresher

Herb Heinz
D.C. Meckler
Randy Nordschow

Reservations and Inquiries Please call
(415) 285-8680


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